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ISRAEL – Red Sea Jazz Festival





Springtime = Festival Time


We are looking forward to the next weeks. We are invited to Pécs University Festival in
Hungary, Girona A-Cappella Festival in Spain and Festival de la Voix in Châteauroux (France).
We will do several concerts, workshops and, of course, we will meet a lot of new people and old friends…

Its gonna be a lot of fun, we’ll keep you updated 😉



Honkong International A-Cappella Festival





Wuthering Autumn…


We are looking 4ward to a colorful Autumn-Tour with a lot of great concerts and events:

After our October-concerts in the East of Germany we will be in Budapest (H) for the first time. We are invited to the „Contemporary Arts Festival“. What a pleasure, egészségedre!

From the 17th to 19th we are touring in Germany. We are exited to meet our friends from „Postyr Project“ in Pforzheim again.

The last week of October we will be guests at Polyfollia Festival in Saint-Lo, France. One intensive week of concerts and workshops, takings and… À la vôtre!

The 16th of November we will be in Dortmund again. After one year we are looking forward to see the “DOMICIL” again.
Then further to the Netherlands: two concerts with the Netherlands two best Jazz-Choirs are planned. The 19th we will be in Utrecht with “Dekoor Close Harmony” and the 20th we’ll meet “pitch controll ” in Den Haag. A special delight: we will meet again Merel Mertens (artistic director of “PC”), who we meet first time in France this April.

After our first time in “Bürgerhaus Kalk” in Köln (21st Nov) we are happy to release our “VOCAL VIRUS” again, after a long time. We are closing the Theaterfestival in Weißenfels (22nd Nov).

And on we head off for Italy. We are invited to celebrate the 10th aniversary of “VIVA VOCE” Festival in Treviso. We are honored and happy to be guest at the festival for the third time.
In December we will be in Munich (4.12.) and Wien (6.12.) again. Its a highlight for every Vocal Group to be guest at the biggest European A-Cappella-Festivals.
And then a very silent ending of the year. We transform an big old Art-Nouvau-Store into a concert-hall. This will happen on the 13th and 14th  December in Halle.
For detailed information, please see our website or meet us on Facebook.
Hope to see you somewhere sometime..



Luxembourg „Schmelzkultur Festival“

What a week! For the second time this year we had the chance to go to Luxembourg. And this time we had some more time to give concerts and workshops at the festival. We met a lot of interesting artists from a lot of different countries and we really enjoyed the mood of the festival!



SLIXS & Friends on tour with Bobby McFerrin


After two weeks with Bobby we are coming home, happy and fatigue. Incredible intensive concerts, touching moments. Thanks to everybody who made this happen. And BIG Thanks to Bobby for two weeks of pure joie de vivre.



Rehearsals for Bobby


For the second time we united with our 12 „Friends“ to prepare our tour with Bobby McFerrin. And once again we met for 10 days in the lovely castle of Baumersroda. And was like magic again. We had such a wonderful time and started the tour well prepared…



Everysing Festival

This weekend we attended the Everysing Festival in Montlouis-Sur-Loire, France. The spirit of the festival is incomparable, the easy-going atmosphere and the lovely people there made us really happy. Thanks to everybody there, especially Celine, who really conquered our hearts! We also met „Opus Jam“ from Paris. And it was amazing.We hope to meet our new friends soon again…





We are back from London A-Cappella Festival. It was: A BLAST!!
Please read here…



Our new CD “Quer Bach” is out!!

The music on this CD was originally developed as a soundtrack for the motion picture „MENSCH KOTSCHIE” by Norbert Baumgarten.
It was the ambition to arrange instrumental music by Johann Sebastian Bach for just the human voice.
We´ve tried to approach these phenomenal compositions with our
SLIXS-own distinct curiousness and delight in playing around, but all along with the respect for the great musical master as a permanent companion.
All vocalises appearing on this CD are fictitious. Any resemblance to real languages, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

 to get a first impression, please click here…
To be ordered in our SHOP




SLIXS @ London-A-Cappella-Festival 2014

So excited to announce, that we will be performing at London A Cappella Festival – January 2014
The festival announced:
“Our best ever yet with numerous international headliners and industry experts including The House Jacks, The Real Group, The Swingle Singers, SLIXS, The Songmen, Time Ensemble, Backstep with Bellatrix…”
Huzzah! We love it!! Thank You!!!



Bobby McFerrin + SLIXS & Friends
What an incredible week: SLIXS increased threefold for one week- after four days of intensive rehearsals we had our first concert with Bobby in Gdansk… and as an result SLIXS&Friends will support Bobby next year on his Europe Tour!!!
Check out our Tour-Blog with pictures and videos here.



SLIXS meets Bobby McFerrin

We ´ll  be singing theVOCAbuLarieStogether with Bobby McFerrin!
Our scenic concert VOCAL VIRUS had inspired him to invite us to his Europe Tour in 2014!
What an honor!!
1st concert will already be at Solidarity of Arts Festival in Gdansk (Pl)the 17th of august 2013…


CARA’s won

Big news:
Our nomination of the Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards 2013 was quite successful!
We took three trophies back home (even though we’ve not been to Boston personally)…
It’s the second time that we’ve been so honored.
It makes us very happy and adds spice to cooking our new album 

By the way: You can simply order at our SLIXS-SHOP


We’ve been successful in these categories:


Best Folk/World Song, Winner: “Le Mouvement” by SLIXS
Best Jazz Album: Runner Up, SLIXS
Best Jazz Song, Runner Up: “I Know You Know” by SLIXS

And here’s the winner song “Le Mouvement”:



4 CARA Nominations

Our EP has been nominated in four categories of the CARA (Contemporary A Cappella Recording Award 2013):

Best Jazz Album

Best Jazz Song “I know you know”

Best Experimental Song “Junkfoe”

Best Folk/World Song “Le Mouvement”

Thanks, we feel honored and understood…




The Virus geht goes into extra time!


While it already infected stages in Germany and Asia live, it also creeped in a DVD pressing plant without being noticed. Resulting into many infected DVD’s to get among the people even faster. About 80 minutes of captivating A Cappella entertainment. Skillfully and scenic assembled Jazz, Classic, Pop and Throat Singing. Directed by actor and stage director Frieder Venus. A Virus you should catch definitely!!



The new year started – SLIXS are taking off!
Last year, we’ve travelled 12 countries in 12 months and there were highlights like Montreux Jazz Festival, Vocal Asia Camp, Jazzkaar Tallinn and Borneo Jazz Festival. But this year, we’d like to focus on the German-speaking countries. For instance, we’re happily looking forward to be guests at the A Cappella Festivals in Hannover (D) and Appenzell (CH) again. And we’re very excited to attend the chor.com in Dortmund (D) where we will somehow be „artists in residence“ because we’ll give several shows and workshops there (For example, we’ll perform the „Vocal Virus“ twice). If you like to stay tuned about our activities, you can subscribe to our newsletter !



New EP out

There’s no holding back the Bastard!


Therefore, we already allow him a little walk. He is the result of our last breeding and the exclusive foretaste of our „Vocal Bastard“ album which will be coming 2013: Our EP! Long-awaitet, available as CD or as download now!!


  1. SLIXS
  2. I know you know
  3. Sign ‘o’ the times
  4. Le Mouvement
  5. Junkfoe

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