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QUER BACH 2 is the continuation of its predecessor QUER BACH but in album length. The new arrangements of instrumental pieces by the baroque master Johann Sebastian Bach inspired the press and audience alike with the first disc - even though it was only 18 minutes long. An "eroticization" of Bach's instrumental works. Intimate, sensual, playful. Now SLIXS brings selected Bach's works to life in a profound and entertaining way.

Ten years of unchanged line-up/ cast are a welcome occasion for SLIXS for an album that now has become their most personal work with nine of their own compositions. While working intensively with Johann Sebastian Bach and working with Bobby McFerrin, in recent years the "playgrounds" have emerged, over which the six vocal acrobats perform full of joy ...


"(Man) is amazed [...] at the new album" Playgrounds "from the first to the last second, what can be done with pure voice. Groove, beat, funk and the sounds of strings and electric guitars, sacred sound towers stand next to vocal horns, Prince meets Shakespeare and Bowie, it's just a pleasure! "(MDR Kultur 2016)



On the occasion of changing their name to SLIXS, these new recordings were made. The band relentlessly ventures further into their own genre with their distinctive sound and outlandish crossbred style. The music journalist Ian Patterson picks up that idea: „It's a bastard of all styles. Indeed, what other name could you give to a group that incorporates jazz, pop, funk, gospel, R&B, choral, soul, boogie, scat and the odd William Shakespeare sonnet?“ (All About Jazz 2012)

Honored with the CARA (Contemporary A Cappella Recording Award) for the world's Best Folk/World Song of the Year 2013.

"nothing is real"

is the first album of this vocal music group since working together in an unchanged constellation starting in 2006. These records already perpetuate a particular band sound that even drops the jaws of a cappella experts:


„In excellent originals and well-elaborated arrangements […] these six vocal artists even master the most difficult parts without audible effort. They are top-notchers at work! Refined Jazz harmonies, funky grooves, soft R&B melodies and baroque counterpoint […] make SLIXS a one-of-a-kind experience.“ (Harald Kepler, music journalist)


„(They) have outdone themselves with the new record, which rocks out and sounds great... European a cappella at its accessible best.“ (Recorded A Cappella Review Board 2008)


Honored with the CARA (Contemporary A Cappella Recording Award) for the world's Best Jazz Song of the Year 2008.

nothing is real


These recordings were originally produced for the soundtrack of the German motion picture „Mensch Kotschie“ from Norbert Baumgarten. The aim was to arrange instrumental music of Johann Sebastian Bach for just the human voice.


SLIXS approach those phenomenal compositions with curiousness and delight of experimentation, but all along with the respect for the great musical master. Music press, organisers and audiences are equally enthusiastic about this musical implementation.


„Michael Eimann has built beautiful bridges between Bach and this excellent ensemble. Bach is neither considered a basic quarry nor put into Jazz. He rather is adapted to their own demands with audible sensitivity. And it's impressively proven that Bach's music is distinctive and strong and that it works in many ways.“ ( 2014)

 All vocalises used here are fictitious. Any resemblance to real languages is purely coincidental.

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