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SLIXS premiere at theater Bochum

We celebrate the premiere of "Time to close your eyes" at the well known Bochum-Theater

Loved by the audience and chosen as the "best piece of the season". Controversially discussed by the press. The piece "Time to close your eyes" fluctuates (not only) in content between life and death. The free production, directed by Olaf Kröck (assistant director Monika Gies Haasmann), deals with the cycle of life, sleep and dying, and also shows the viewer his own transience. Perceptible, tangible. What does a whole life mean? What does death mean? How similar is sleep to death? How will we eventually die, and how do we spend life time until then? An ensemble of dancers (choreography: Dominika Knapik), actors and singers (SLIXS) shortens the life time cycle vividly and aesthetically to 1h: 45min. At the same time, the spectrum of emotions on such a theater evening varies from funny to deeply affected. From soulful to hopeless. From clear sobriety to the limits of the viewer's imagination.

If life is a party, let us celebrate it with a pillow fight.

We spent a total of six rehearsal weeks at the Schauspielhaus Bochum, and got to know the city from a completely different perspective. Now we are almost saddened to leave the city after this intensive cooperation to drive home. But every upcoming performance feels like a return homewards. At this point, we thank our beloved actor Roland Riebeling for the festive hospitality at the "Bergfest". He kindly offered us his "Mansion" for this. Roland, you have conjured our "Bergfest" to a real festival.

Our fans have the unique opportunity to experience us more often in the german region called Ruhrpott. We also sing unfamiliar pieces that our Michael has beautifully arranged; wear an untypical wardrobe. Everything is included, from classic to pop. Our conclusion: "Time to close your eyes" is a true masterpiece, a pearl of the theater season 2018, and shines with beauty in simplicity.


Actors: Juliane Fisch, Lisa Jopt, Roland Riebeling und Martin Weigel

Scene: Angela Weyer

Dancers: Jana Deppe, Phillip Dittmann, Leander Glaw, Anton Grünewald, Malina Hoffmann, Dyana Maria Krupezki, Sefa Küskü, Carina Langanki, Emanuel Pielow, Kurt Reinstein, Daria Stolfik, Olga Wendroth, Lilli Frei / Samuel Mooshage / Julie Richter / Elise Spohr

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